Texas Credit

Our Mission

“To bridge the financial disparity in Texas by championing a unique approach to credit repair, ensuring Texans realize their potential for brighter financial futures.”

In a state as vast as Texas, the 2nd largest by population, it is astonishing to find that we rank 47th out of 50 in average credit scores, according to FICO. Texas also has the 45th lowest home ownership rate in the country, albeit having the 23rd highest median income in the US. How is this possible? 

This stark contrast between our vast population and our low average credit scores presents arguably one of the most significant disparities in the nation. The consequence? Countless Texans find themselves unable to access the benefits and opportunities that come with good credit, like homeownership.

At Texas Credit, we are driven by a desire to change this narrative. While many companies offer generic credit repair services, we pride ourselves on our unique approach of credit management and optimization. This is not just about improving numbers but is rooted in our belief that every Texan deserves a fair shot at a brighter financial future.

Texas Credit is more than a credit service provider. We are a beacon of hope for thousands of Texans looking to rewrite their financial stories. We see the potential in Texas, and our mission is to ensure that our state’s creditworthiness reflects its true spirit and resilience.

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About our Founder

Kyran Ford’s journey is both a testament to resilience and a commitment to financial empowerment. Having dedicated his life to navigating and mastering what he calls the Debt Matrix, he understands the intricate dance of consumer credit. This expertise doesn’t just stem from theory but from personal experience and in-depth industry knowledge. 

What truly sets Mr. Ford apart is his licensed background as a mortgage banker. Immersed in the mortgage industry, he knows precisely what it takes to bring mortgages to fruition. This unique insight means that Texas Credit isn’t just another credit repair service. We work seamlessly alongside mortgage professionals, offering an edge that few can match. While many credit repair companies operate as mere dispute mills, Texas Credit, under the leadership of our Mr. Ford, bridges the gap between credit restoration and the mortgage process, ensuring clients not only rebuild their credit but also move closer to their homeownership dreams.

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Our Services

  • Credit Report Analysis
  • Credit Report Optimization
  • Pre-Litigation Disputing
  • Advanced Credit Entry Disputing
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Government Disputing
  • Debt Restructure 
  • Interest Rate Reduction
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Creditor Intervention
  • Debt Collector Intervention
  • Student Loan Rehabilitation
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Secured Card Offerings
  • Primary Tradelines
  • Authorized User Tradelines
  • Credit Building Loans
  • Credit Simulator Tool
  • Mortgage Loan Preparation
  • Auto Loan Refinancing
  • Legal Support Network
  • Financial Support Network
  • Credit & Debt Management
  • General Business Advisory
  • General Tax Advisory

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Debt Consolidation | Settlement

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